Newsable is

Newsable is a public media initiative that explores the use of open data, digital journalism and transmedia storytelling as a way to deepen public engagement with complex social issues.

It’s the brainchild of Dr Anna Jackson and Julie Starr, two factual storytellers with a common interest
in making complex issues understandable and telling stories in context and over time. 

We aim to combine credible sources, open data, and emerging storytelling tools to explore ways to:

  • add depth to stories by providing more context
  • tell stories coherently over time (complex issues run for decades or longer)
  • reach particular groups of people in formats that make sense
  • tailor stories for a range of publishing platforms
  • measure reach and engagement in a meaningful way
  • create stories that stand the test of time
  • find workflows for keeping stories relevant over time
  • collaborate with others
  • make stories that are inherently sharable and open

Newsable has three dimensions:

  1. A community of people who care about public media and journalism and want to work with us to explore, experiment and develop through curation, collaboration, creation and circulation. We will gather and share resources and tools, run meetups, workshops and hacks to collectively build skills and knowledge.
  1. A public media lab that will work on experimenting with ways to curate, create and circulate stories that reach and engage audiences to support greater civic engagement with and awareness of complex social issues.
  1. A public media project that will be the culmination of the work of the Newsable community and lab. Newsable: On Housing will launch in 2017 in the lead-up to the New Zealand general election.

Read about our first project Newsable: On Housing



Want to join us? We’re interested in finding like-minded people to work with. If that’s you, please drop us a line! You can also subscribe to occasional email updates on what we’re doing.